Bristol Leadership Programme (BLP) identifies and inspires Bristol's young talent for future global leadership.

Summer Programme

BLP is a summer programme built around:

  • Personal reading
  • Seminars (Leadership, Governance, Urbanism and Development, Partnership, the Global Context...)
  • Exposure (Cabinet, Public, Private and Voluntary Sector Board Meetings)
  • Distinguished Speaker Dinners
  • Public talks (Festival of Ideas, Visiting Lecturers)
  • Group and personal development sessions (CV and interview development)
  • Resilience,
  • Political Ideology
  • Work placements.

The Aim of BLP

The Bristol Leadership Programme aims to deepen and broaden the talent pool from which the next generation of leaders will emerge.

We will proactively identify young people with high ability, and who are already aspirational from lower socio-economic backgrounds. The programme will nurture their leadership potential for accelerated personal growth, giving participants the tools to aim even higher.

BLP seeks to invest in the next generation of leaders from a diverse range of backgrounds, and propel them forward to apply to some of the best global universities, access the best courses for their talents to flourish and putting their gifts to work to create a better and fairer future for those who follow them.

This programme sets out to be transformative; a launch pad for a future Bristol Mayor, leader in the creative industries or MP while also investing in the broader spectrum of Bristol leadership in the voluntary, private and faith sectors. Our vision is that Bristol will become a city of leadership, giving formative investment and life experiences to people who will go on to take up positions of leadership locally, nationally and internationally.

The Context

Bristol remains challenged by gender, race and class fractures. Unquantifiable amounts of young talent are lost to the city every year in part because the social, economic, political structures that nurture leadership are not equally available to all. We aim to begin a process which changes this and which brings city institutions and businesses together to invest in securing Bristol's future as an inclusive, sustainable and thriving world city.

The Participants

BLP will work with schools and colleges to identify around 15 students each year who have leadership potential, but who may face barriers to achieving their goals due to their socio-economic background or challenging circumstances.

Participants will be nominated for the programme via their sponsors (educational establishment or other agencies) to undergo a selection process. Successful candidates will be accepted onto the programme and we aim to work with sponsors to identify other talent management programmes across the city for all who meet the initial criteria for BLP.

Accidentally gifted; deliberately brilliant!

The BLP Team

The programme is managed by:

Portrait of Tracie Jolliff

Tracie Jolliff

BLP Programme Director JT&C The Knowledge Group

Portrait of Marvin Rees

Marvin Rees

NHS Bristol - Founder and Programme Lead

Portrait of Dr Marie-Annick Gournet

Dr Marie-Annick Gournet

University of the West of England

Portrait of Professor Leroy White

Professor Leroy White

University of Bristol

Portrait of Christina Gray

Christina Gray

NHS Bristol

Portrait of Ruth Pickersgill

Ruth Pickersgill

Saint Brendan's Sixth Form College

Roland Goddard

City of Bristol College

Portrait of Anna Gulati

Anita Gulati

University of the West of England

Portrait of Will Baker

Will Baker

NHS Bristol

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The core programme will be held at the following venues:

  • UWE Ventures Bristol 4th Floor, Bush House, 72 Prince Street, Bristol BS1 4QD
  • Graduate School of Education, 35 Berkeley Square BS8 1JA
  • Clarke Willmott LLP, 1 Georges Square, Bath Street, Bristol, BS1 6BA