How to apply

This programme is aimed at talented and aspirational students who experience socio-economic disadvantage. Within this group there will be students who face other barriers of structural inequality and so we will take positive action to ensure that groups such as Black and minority ethnic young people and young people in care are well represented, and would ask schools and colleges to prioritise them in their nominations.

Our standing criteria is that participants will fulfil the following:


Students are eligible for Free School Meals (or are on the Government's 16-19 Bursary Fund) and/or live within the postcodes identified as multiple deprivation areas or those that attract pupil premium or disadvantage uplift funding.


Students have an average GCSE score of 50 or above and target A2 grades of 3 Bs or above.


Students are considered to have high ability /high aspiration and demonstrate a commitment to their own learning.


Students have demonstrated leadership potential through their participation in school/college and/or extra curricular activity and would welcome the chance to complete the programme and participate in all activities.


Students have taken part in enrichment activity outside school/college which has made a difference (e.g. volunteering/charity/sport/service)

The Bristol Leadership Programme places a lot of weight on the reference provided by the student's referring teacher/organisation/lecturer. We would welcome any teacher wanting to nominate a student contacting us before making the nomination.

The Bristol Leadership Programme will not be appropriate for every student. Our intention is that it sits within a wider tapestry of city programmes that together support the development of leadership at all levels. It will be important that schools/colleges work with us to support unsuccessful applicants to build on their expressed desire to develop their leadership potential. To this end we would encourage nominating organisations to identify meaningful alternative opportunities for these students.

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